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Through innovation and understanding our customers, SKAI has created a new tech classification. Check out a video showing the SKAI mission for the automotive space.

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Take Your Camera System to the Next Level

Dealership camera systems are expensive and often deemed a dead operating expense. They are not typically monitored and used only for visual proof as a reaction to an event. But what if your cameras could shift from passive observers to active participants? SKAI gives automotive retail dealerships the first critical alert mechanism to use with existing camera systems. Alerts that notify you in real-time of operational patterns of inefficiencies so that you can solve them quickly.

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Simplify a Complex Sales Process

The road to the sale is a complex process map. Everyone involved in a transaction would love a one-hour experience. But customers must go through anywhere from six to twelve steps to buy a vehicle. Identifying bottlenecks or what killed the deal can be a challenge. SKAI puts a spotlight on each step of the process and points out the most efficient way to accomplish the goals of customers, employees and management – speed up the time it takes to buy a vehicle.

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Optimize High Demand in Service

Many dealerships struggle to compete with independent service centers on price and service or repair labor times, especially with something as simple as an oil change. Dealerships are hypersensitive to this, especially if they are dinged with a monetary punishment for missing critical times. SKAI is designed to send alerts to improve performance on pay plan-worthy activities and identify training opportunities and security risks.

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Your Partner in a Visual AI Solution

Casinos, hotels, airlines and most big-box retailers have invested millions of dollars in building private, in-house Visual Al solutions actively used today. SKAl is the first off-the-shelf critical alert mechanism that integrates with existing security networks to provide a cost-effective, time-effective alternative.