Computer Vision AI Improves Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Skaivision unlocks the camera's fullest potential for car dealerships. Imagine the power of real-time alerts to identify critical bottlenecks impacting operations, enabling immediate intervention for a faster, smoother workflow.
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Turn Cameras Into Smart Assistants

Computer Vision AI technology integrates with existing camera networks to analyze all video footage, alerting you when activities happen, and when they don't.

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Video Intelligence Simplifies Business Operations

Our deep-learning AI Platform analyzes and transforms ordinary video footage into actionable insights, alerting on possible frictions, inefficiencies, and, dare we say - additional revenue streams.


We leverage your existing security cameras, so setup is a snap. Our app is 100% cloud-based with unlimited remote management from anywhere.


Video intelligence is siloed into digestible action items, saving you thousands of work hours while optimizing process management.


Real-time evaluation of processes, transaction times and behavior, empowers your staff to deliver a better customer experience.


We advocate for transparency in the workplace because Visual AI helps employees do their jobs better, making them big promoters.

Visual AI Saves in Time, Production and Revenue

Eliminate Operational Blind Spots and Inefficiencies

Visual AI Detecting Sales at a Dealership


Easy-to-use mobile application - available no matter your location.

No matter how large or small your dealership, SKAI Visual AI delivers the same benefits as big-box retailers' custom-designed, high-dollar AI technology. The app is simple to use and configurable to store processes and priorities.

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Leverage existing dealership video network to keep assets safe.

Visual AI sends real-time alerts when it detects potential fraud, theft and other threats within the dealership. Don’t find out after the fact. Reduce liability, increase security and enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 active monitoring.

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A real-time view of processes and behavior affecting customer experience.

SKAI’s video intelligence identifies actionable revenue opportunities in every profit center of your dealership. Real-time notifications ensure optimal response times, drastically improving process efficiency and the potential for unprecedented profitability.

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