Transform Your Camera Network Into a Team of Assistants

SKAIVISION taps into existing camera networks to eliminate time-consuming data input and deliver instant alerts for process improvement.


Experience instant transformation. Plug-and-play setup leverages existing dealership cameras and gives you cloud-based access from anywhere.


Harness the power of AI. Built-for-automotive app delivers immediate alerts for process improvement while eliminating time-consuming data input.


Empower Frontline Employees. Revolutionary technology automates vehicle exchange and cycle time management, changing customers’ perceptions of how their time is valued.


Your Privacy is Our Priority. Powered by anonymous silhouette recognition, Visual AI helps employees do their jobs better, making them big promoters.

SKAIVISION Teaches Your Cameras to Think Like Top Dealers

Process video data at hyperspeed, uncovering pattern recognition and process optimization opportunities.

AI in Automotive Solves Operational Problems that Matter Most

Moves the needle toward a faster, more efficient sales and service experience at car dealerships.

Manage Live Cycle Times

Manage Live Cycle Times

For the first time, SKAI gives car dealerships the power to instantly pinpoint and resolve friction in their processes with critical cycle time reporting and insights.

Your most precious asset is time. Dealers and customers agree that reducing the time to purchase and service vehicles is a priority.

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Automated Vehicle Acquisition

Automated Vehicle Acquisition

AI Plate recognition technology uses acquisition logic to analyze vehicles across your lot and send stress-free trade value notifications, turbocharging your process.

The vehicle acquisition process can be a challenge. SKAI levels up the dealership’s process to make buying a breeze for customers and employees.

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AI-Assisted CSI Alerts

AI-Assisted CSI Alerts

SKAIVISION focuses on the activities that matter most, so dealerships can achieve never-before-seen metrics that are immediately actionable for frontline employees.

Remove the guesswork from inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Give the team visibility into operational processes affecting customer experience.

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"We’re big fans of SKAIVISION. I don’t see how any dealership would not want to turn their cameras into operational assistant"

Jerry Moore
Dealer Operator, Sands Motor Company

"I knew before we installed it, this completely new technology had game-changer written all over it. The right team with the right idea at the right time."

Chris Cady
Partner, AMSI

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