Pinpoint and Solve Deficiencies Impacting Dealership Operations

Yield More Profitability by Eliminating Blind Spots

  • Validate workers’ performance in key activities
  • Identify behaviors warranting rewards or coaching
  • Monitor video data and send alerts in real time
  • Remove inefficiencies from complex process maps
  • Assess sales and service transaction times
  • Measure the accuracy of onsite purchase and wait times
  • Improve security protocols across the dealership and lot
  • Identify fraudulent scams onsite and during test drives
  • Leverage AI to collaborate and investigate incidents

Video Intelligence is the Ultimate Data Source for Your Entire Team

Visual AI Fuels Transparency in Dealership Operations

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Generate revenue from every corner of your dealership by refining customer experience.

  • VIP/New customer greeting
  • Test drive completion
  • Presentation of figures
  • Negotiation turnover to manager
  • On-site time to purchase


Promote customer retention by exceeding expectations to drive service center improvement.

  • Advisor tire inspection
  • Menu presentation
  • Advisor-to-tech time
  • On-site time for oil changes
  • Overall on-site wait time


Timely awareness fuels winning leadership, thereby increasing efficiency, sales and profitability.

  • Validate key activities happened
  • Mark processes for improvement
  • Reward profitable habits
  • Identify coaching opportunities
  • Mitigate security, theft and fraud