Every auto dealership has a camera system that is being used primarily for security purposes. But does a camera really make you more secure?

When you discover that something was stolen or a customer accuses the service department of damaging their vehicle, you can analyze video footage to find out what happened. It may take many hours, and you can only find out what happened after the fact, but for this limited purpose, the camera does fulfill its use case.

But what about thefts that go undiscovered? How can cameras help when something is happening in your dealership right now—something that you would really like to know about? In its current form, your existing camera system is no help in these situations. It is literally a dead operational expense.

But it doesn’t have to be. What if your cameras could turn from passive observers to active participants and dealership team members? What if they could serve as virtual assistants that can help your team achieve its sales and service goals?

The Best Data Analysis is Done with Your Own Eyes

Every minute of every day, your camera system feeds you reams of valuable data. Imagine if you could watch this footage all day long. You would have a comprehensive and accurate understanding of what is happening in your dealership. How well your processes are being followed, where process breakdowns are occurring, how well your customers are being treated, which employees are going the extra mile, and which ones are not.

This data is more valuable than any report your DMS or CRM could ever produce—and you wouldn’t need an algorithm to analyze it. Your own eyes and brain are perfectly capable of viewing live video footage and telling you what you need to know.

Unfortunately, nobody has time to watch video footage all day long. Nobody, that is…except SKAI.

Cameras + SKAI = Security + ROI

By integrating with your current camera system, SKAI artificial intelligence turns a dead operational expense into a system that automatically analyzes live video feed, identifies where process breakdowns are occurring, and delivers real-time alerts to managers and front-line employees, so that problems can be prevented, instead of corrected.

SKAI alerts are designed to be used for positive process improvement. With access to the SKAI app, your employees can receive alerts that help with their daily job activities. If a sales prospect is not greeted within a specified amount of time, your sales team will receive an alert. Did a service advisor forget to measure tire tread depth? He or she will receive an alert.

Like any new technology, employees might be resistant to the idea of SKAI at first. One reason is that in its current form, your camera system is used to punish. The only time video footage is viewed is when something bad has happened, and the purpose of the camera is to find the perpetrator.

SKAI turns this paradigm on its head. Instead of being used to punish, video footage analysis is being used to improve individual and team performance. Eventually, your employees will become SKAI’s most enthusiastic users and promoters for the simple reason that SKAI helps them do their jobs better!

And if there is a security threat in your dealership, you do not have to wait until after the fact to discover what happened. Be alerted instantly if an unsold vehicle drives off your lot, if an unauthorized person enters your server room, or if a person with a gun enters your dealership premises.

Reduce Tech Fatigue

In today’s world it takes no less than fourteen technology systems to run a dealership. These include the DMS, CRM, used car appraisal system, MPI system, texting system…and the list goes on.

As a result, many dealership employees suffer from tech fatigue. Is it really fair to ask employees to perform their jobs and then enter every data point related to how they did their jobs into several different systems every single day?

With SKAIVISION, your staff does not need to learn a thing. There is no new software to install, no training required, nothing to type, click or swipe. Instead of being focused on entering data into yet another system, your employees can focus on taking care of customers.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Your auto dealership already has a camera system. How useful is it? This system can continue to feed you reams of useless information, or you can add a layer of analysis to it, so you can view and make sense of the data being presented to you.

SKAIVISION’s Computer Vision AI will take your camera system, your processes and your customer experience to a whole new level.