Video Recording Whitepaper

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Human Video Recording Compliance                                                                            Updated January 20, 20231980s-2010s: Surveillance Video Recording Era BeginsWith wider adoption beginning in the 1980s in the United States, …

How Visual AI is a Game Changer for Dealerships

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One of the most sacred beliefs in the car business is “inspect what you expect”, especially with store processes. But in today’s world, most leaders can’t physically witness as many end-to-end transactions as they would like. The best managers in the world have one set of eyes, which means they can’t be everywhere, at every moment, monitoring to ensure that …

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What is SKAI and how can it benefit my dealership?

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SKAI is the first off-the-shelf, artificial intelligence (AI) critical-alert mechanism designed to integrate with existing security camera systems in retail automotive dealerships. Currently, camera systems in auto dealerships are reactive, meaning the video footage is viewed only if something goes wrong, such as theft or a customer complaint. For example, a service manager might look at video footage if a …